Your Trainers & Assessors

Together our highly skilled trainers have been teaching our methods to beauty therapists and others throughout Australia for years and are considered some of the country’s most experienced cosmetic, medical and paramedical cosmetic tattooist technicians.

The global engagement of our trainers, marked by their active participation in conferences such as APMAC and PCC, underscores our commitment to excellence in tattooing and training. By constantly upskilling, seeking international exposure, and collaborating with professionals worldwide, our trainers ensure they bring the best practices and insights to every client & student engagement. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of personal and professional development, our trainers remain dedicated to staying ahead, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of expertise and support.

Our trainers have in-house training days where they share their knowledge and skill base with each other and every one of our trainers looks forward to sharing their knowledge with the next generation of Australian and international cosmetic tattoo professionals.

What to Look For In a Trainer / Assessor


The trainers may or may not have any specific credentials such as being an accredited trainer.  Considering a successful technician may perform an average of three new procedures a day at an average of $400.00 – $800.00 per procedure, a prominent industry leader who trains as well as offers independent services when they are not training, stands to lose an average of $1200.00 per day during training sessions.  Some experienced trainer/technicians may have a history of performing more procedures than average and they may expect a higher training fee.


Your perfect trainer is one whom you should feel comfortable taking direction from. Choose a trainer that you are at ease with, respect and with whom you think you will work well together. You need respect to learn.

Questions to Ask 

– How long have you been doing Cosmetic Tattooing?

– Can I see your Certificates?

– Have you been within the tattooing industry for over three (3) years or more?

– Do you have a current TAE qualification and can I see it?


Pricing is always going to be an important decision when choosing your trainer. However, do not simply find the cheapest trainer out there and hand over your cash. There are a lot aspects to consider when learning an art such as cosmetic Tattooing. The hours, the class lesson plans, and the hands-on requirements should all be taken into account when considering pricing.


The quality of your Cosmetic Tattooing or Microblading training can be heavily influence by the quality of the training you receive. Therefore the level of education you are likely to receive can vary from course to course so choosing the best trainer/training can be criticall important to the success of your business.


Whatever you’re looking for in a trainer, always look for experience. It is imperative that you have seen their qualifications and that they are qualified to train and hold a current Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Always make sure you see his or her before and after images and make sure that they have worked with at least 300 clients before. Photos are imperative as you will see what you will be learning and what they can actually teach you.