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Models Required All Year For Hairstroke Eyebrows, Eyeliner & Lips  Ph: 03 9350 6466

Welcome to Melbourne College of Cosmetic Tattoo

We underwent a change in ownership in May 2015 and this has altered little to the training we provide but has seen new incentives implemented and new ideas to ensure only the best training is given to our new students and returning students at all times.

All our staff underwent training late last year in Maintain Infection Control Standards In Office Practice Settings and adhere to this at all times within our own cosmetic tattooing procedures with clients and when teaching all our students.

Our aim is to continue offering excellence in training at all levels, from Beginners to Advanced and from Refresher courses to continuing education courses. You may be looking to add Cosmetic Tattooing as a treatment to your salon or clinic or looking for a new and profitable career, whichever the reason you are in the right place.

The Melbourne College of Cosmetic Tattooing is built on the fundamental of equipping students to reach excellence with the highest professional standards as cosmetic tattooists. This assures that our students become highly skilled, competent and knowledgeable thus enabling them to set the standards in the cosmetic tattooing industry. Melbourne College of Cosmetic Tattoo uses a Rotary Bella Dragon machine.

You do not have to be a beautician. It’s about being creative, having an eye for detail and an artistic flare! We welcome you to spend a few quality hours in our training centre with our trainers and acquire a feel for the industry. You are able to try out the machines. Our trainers have been trained specifically on  rotary machines and have trained with some of the most prominent trainers around the world. Our schools recognised as one of Australia’s premier trainer providers and technicians of the Slope needle techniques.

Models required all year for Hairstroke Eyebrows, Eyeliner & Lips. Enquire within!

“For the financial rewards you will receive,
the Investment on your part is minimal”

Up-Grading your salon or clinic

You may be looking to add Cosmetic Tattooing as a treatment to your salon or clinic for two reasons. Firstly your clients care about their appearance and secondly they are satisfied with the service and services you provide. They feel you care about how they look as well, so it is important to your business that you make all efforts to keep yourself up-graded in the services being offered elsewhere.

We recognise the importance of the above to professionals such as yourself but in the cosmetic tattooing industry being able to say you have this service to offer is not enough. Remember, this is SEMI-PERMANENT! You need the best possible training that is available to you with the latest product information and technology in the world today.

Looking for a new and profitable career?

If you are not already in the beauty of aesthetics business it is still a very viable career as salons are always looking for competent and confident tattooist technicians with recognised expertise and trusted qualifications. Alternatively, you may be looking for a total career change, either way this is to be the change of a lifetime for you.

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