COVID-19 Update

To our dear community:

After much deliberation in line with the recommendations and restrictions with the coronavirus pandemic we felt that it was our civic duty to do the right thing.
In our industry, it is impossible to maintain social distancing of 1.5m between people as we work on clients for a prolonged amount of time, regardless of the protective wear and hygiene standards.
This unprecedented event has already impacted other parts of the world and even our own communities so we need to do this now. As much as this has already and will impact us as a small business financially and emotionally we cannot conscionably think that it is 100% safe for us to continue as a treatment and training facility.

We have been and will be in contact with the rest of our students, models, and clients over the course of the next few days and will touch base on a weekly basis if not more frequently. Please follow our social media pages for updates (and allow for notifications) as we all bunker down together in this and stay at home.

So for now, with the health and lives of all the people we care about in mind, we will yield to COVID-19. As of 12pm today we will close and have our fingers crossed for an all clear call from state government for a 14th April return. Stay tuned!

Much love,
Kelly and team x