RTO Policies & Forms

Here you can find a range of our RTO Policies and Forms.

RTO Policies

SC1 AQF Certification PP V2.0 ID 131718

SC2 Credit PP V2.0 ID 131719

SC4 Complaints and Appeals PP V3.0 ID 131714

SC5 Fees and Refunds PP V3.0 ID 131715

SC6 Student Administration PP V3.0 ID 131716

TA2 Training and Assessment PP V2.0 ID 131633

CG3 Quality Assurance PP V2.0 ID 131601

CG4 Privacy PP V2.0 ID 131605

SC7.12 Student Code of Conduct PP V1.0 ID 131695

RTO Forms

SC7.8 Student Change of Details Form V1.1 ID 13169

SC7.2 Enrolment Form V1.1 ID 131686

SC5.4 Complaints and Appeals Form V1.1 ID 131700

SC6.1 Refund Application Form V1.1 ID 131693

SC7.11 Withdrawal Form V1.1 ID 131709

CG7.3 Injury Incident Report V1.0

SC3.1 Credit Application Form V1.1 ID 131712

RPL Self assessment and application2