Non-Accredited Courses

Our certificate courses provide in-depth training in a key area of focus, including shading, measuring, ombre and the use of the rotary tool.

 The courses are suited to technicians of varying levels, with some open to anyone interested in learning and others which are suited to more experienced tattooists who are looking to improve in an area where they lack confidence or further improve a particular skill.

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3-Day Ultimate Eyebrow Training Course

Learn the art of tattooing and shaping eyebrows for all face shapes. You will use both the machine and the feather touch brow hand tool technique.


Master the art of blending colours and hues. Practice on two in-class models. For experienced cosmetic tattoo artists only.

Rotary Training Refresher Certificate Course

For experienced cosmetic tattoo artists looking to refine their rotary tool skills and finally master ‘problem areas’ where they desire more experience.

Feather Touch Eyebrow Certificate Course

Learn to create very fine strokes that resemble real hair and give your eyebrow work a natural, defined finish that looks just like the real thing.

Shading / Stippling Eyebrow Class

For those looking to become proficient in shading and stippling, our dedicated course will help you master two of the most fundamental tattooing techniques.

Drawing / Measuring Class

Measuring the points of the face and hand drawing the shape and design of the tattoo are two of the most essential cosmetic tattoo skills. Master them both in this course.

Beginner Training – 5-Day Intensive Certificate Course

DermaPlanePro Certificate Course

Dermaplaning is a revolutionary new technique that's quickly growing in popularity. Our trainers guide you on how to properly use a dermaplane tool and leave your clients with healthy, glowing, youthful skin.

Henna Brow Certificate Course

Many clients prefer henna pigment for their eyebrow tinting as it's plant-based, temporary and leaves eyebrows looking defined yet natural. Learn how to incorporate henna brow tinting into your current skill set.