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Our mission at the Melbourne College of Cosmetic Tattooing is to continue providing a professional and caring environment where students can develop their skills efficiently and confidently.


To continue providing excellence with our distinctive courses and foster benchmark professional and ethical practice skills that enable students to excel in the industry as leaders and innovators.


Our Beginner training is an excellent introduction to the exciting and rewarding career of permanent cosmetics. This information-packed class includes step-by-step instructions, and live demonstrations of permanent eyebrow, eyeliner and lip liner procedures. Our training covers not only the mechanics of cosmetic tattooing but the properties and blending of pigment colours, topical anesthetics and cross contamination/hygeine. We also cover personal health considerations, insurance, tips for beginners, consultation topics, communication and marketing. Please see our course page for further information. Once you have finished your training you are able to open your own business.

We offer a range of courses to suit your individual needs

  • Our Beginner Training includes a Bella Dragon Rotary Tattoo Machine
  • Includes Starter Kit which will help recoup your course outlay (see Below)
  • Kit is not used in class
  • All our courses offer extra time if needed with 100% guarantee
  • Our students are offered the use of our training facility once they have completed their training, this allows the student to bring their clients in for procedures and still have the overseeing of the trainer….we have found this to be extremely useful for the beginner to become more advanced and confident in a shorter period of time
  • Our training shows you how to balance and create the most beautiful eyebrows
  • Our eyebrow Module training is one of a kind where we show you 2 techniques
    • Hand Tool – Feathering/Hair Stroke
    • Machine Method – Powder/full brows/Ombre
  • No extra outlay (conditions apply)

BEGINNER TRAINING – 5 Day Intensive for Beginner Technicians

1 day – get to know your trainer and facilities

2 weeks at home

5 days training

As many procedures as you are able to do over 5 days


Rotary Tattoo Machine, Practice & Starter Kit


  • Art of Eyebrow shaping
  • Anaesethetics and their use
  • After-care guidelines
  • Consultation
  • Client preparation
  • Client consent forms
  • Client medical history and release forms
  • Contra-indications
  • Colour theory
  • Correct use of pigments
  • Correction of colour and shape
  • Equipment set up
  • Hygiene – Infection Control Guidelines
  • Needle Techniques
  • Procedure Techniques
  • Product knowledge
  • Photography
  • Insurance


  • Practice Kit – Once you have enrolled practice kits may be forwarded, dependant on your location-  this is for you to learn the art of Cosmetic Tattoo before you actually do your hands on training.

Bella Dragon Machine

Training Manual

Needles, Small tips, and Sleeves for Bella Dragon Machine

Disposable Pigment Holder

Practice Skin



Take Home Kit after Training Completed

  • Training Manual
  • Eyebrow Day Hand Book
  • Eyeliner Day Hand book
  • Lip Day Hand Book
  • Bella Dragon Cosmetic Tattoo Machine
  • Mixed Needles and Blades
  • Needle Tips
  • Needle Sleeves
  • Colour pigments
  • Corrector colour pigments
  • Micro Swabs
  • Small Caps
  • Dressing packs
  • Colour wheel
  • Pigment holders
  • Box of gloves
  • Disposable aprons
  • Disposable masks
  • Razors
  • Cotton Tips
  • Alcohol Swabs
  • Sterile Irrigation Sachets
  • Forms:
    • Client Detail Form
    • Indemnity Release Form
    • After Care Form
    • Suppliers
  • Beautiful Framed Certificate
  • Ultimate Eyebrow Certificate

Our commitment to you

At the end of the course duration you are able to use the college facilities for your own clients until you feel fully confident and competent.  Also we will support you throughout your entire career so you are able to keep up to date with new techniques and OH&S that is forever changing.






Refresher courses are only available for experienced cosmetic tattooists.  However if you are a really new technician to the industry the above course is really for those that have mastered Eyebrow, Eyeliner and Lip shaping, drawing etc to then further their knowledge,

Each workshop focuses on your “problem areas” where you are having more difficulty. The refresher training course has been tailored for the experienced technician whom are currently practicing cosmetic tattooing or corrective cosmetics. If at the end of the course you are not confident, you can join us for an extra day or you are welcome to bring your models or clients to my salon so we can iron out any problems you may have.


  • Upgrading and perfecting new tattoo techniques and the various strokes for eyeliner, lip liner, eyebrows and corrective measures.
  • Choosing the proper needle size for a procedure
  • The latest in topical anaesthetics and their applications for effective anaesthesia in client comfort and procedure efficiency
  • Hand positioning, skin stretching and effective management of area to be tattooed
  • Pigment mixing, colours to use and not to use
  • Problems with colour retention
  • Pigments changing colour in the skin and how to correct or guard against it
  • Certificate is awarded after completion of class

The Refresher Course allows for students to perform procedures on models per day.

This course is for technicians who are looking at updating the rotary machine.  One or two day refresher courses are for the technician who wants to perfect and upgrade their techniques and work out problem areas.



Techniques Embroidery – Hairstroke – Powder – Full Eyebrow techniques

Methods: Feather Touch and Machine Methods

Extra Days: $800.00 per day

This eyebrow tattoo training course covers the dos and don’ts of eyebrow simulation. This is a 3 day course that is not only learning to tattoo eyebrows, but also the complete shaping of eyebrows for all ages and face shapes. You will be taught the art of eyebrows using the machine and the feather touch brow hand tool technique.

We train you in the most modern eyebrow techniques including feathered, hairstroke and embroidery with up to date information on the latest developments in products, procedures and techniques.

Training Includes:

  • Eyebrow Manuals
  • 1 Full Day Theory
  • 2 days hands on training
  • Procedures on live models
  • Hairstroke eyebrow with hand tool
  • Powder finished Eyebrows
  • Fuller eyebrows
Eyebrow Training Kit contains:
  • Bella Dragon Machine
  • Hand Tools
  • Pigments from (USA)
  • Hand Tool Blades for embroidery
  • Assorted Needles for Tattoo Machine
  • Sleeves for Tattoo Machine
  • Tips for Tattoo Machine
  • Transmission Shafts
  • Pigment Holders
  • Disposable Colour Caps
  • Micro brushes
  • Pack of razors
  • Colour wheel
  • Adapter
  • Caliper
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • Face Ruler
  • Beauty Case
  • Beautiful Framed Certificates on completion
Feather Touch Eyebrow Course (Eyebrow Embroidery Course/3D)


1 day Training – only available for qualified Cosmetic Technicians extra days $800.00

Hair stroke

Hair Simulation

Take Home Kit included in price:

Hand Tools

Blades for hand tool

Simulation Hair practice mat

Eyebrow Manual

2 Day Training $2,800.00 – is for experienced cosmetic technicians only

Embroidery – Hair stroke – Feather Touch – Hair Like Simulation

Hand Tool

Blades for hand tool

Simulation Hair practice mat

Eyebrow Manual

This technique creates very fine strokes to replicate real hair and to give your eyebrows a soft, natural and defined look. Everybody is wanting this unique “no more block” method. During eyebrow embroidery training, you will learn how to create beautiful defined eyebrows. It is also known as 3D cosmetic tattooing, because the blend of different colours and natural strokes creates dimensionality – just like the real thing.

Feather Touch –  This technique creates very fine strokes to replicate real hair 

Everybody is wanting this unique method “no more block” You will learn how to create Beautiful Defined Eyebrows.

Starter Kit

Hand Tool

Blades for hand tool

Simulation Hair practice mat

Eyebrow Manual

Forms: Client Details, Aftercare, New Salon Information and Marketing, Suppliers List, Insurance information

Beautiful Framed Certificate on completion

If at the end of any of our courses you are not completely confident, you can join us for extra training or bring your models or clients to my salon so we can iron out any problems you may have.

Ombre Eyebrow Class

Experienced Cosmetic Tattooists Only
2 Models
5 in Total in Class
$1000 + GST
Deposit $250, non-refundable
All tools on day provided

Shading/Stippling Eyebrow Class

Experienced Cosmetic Tattooists Only
2 Models
5 in Total in Class
$1000 + GST
Deposit $250, non-refundable
All tools on day provided


Deposits are required to secure all of our courses. A deposit of $1000 for our Beginners an $500 for our Eyebrows, Advanced Days, Areola courses is required to secure the course date you require.

All Deposits & Fees paid with  Credit Card will incur a 1.5% fee

All deposits are Non Refundable.

If an overseas Trainee payments are to be made in AUD Australian Dollars ONLY.

Should you reschedule the dates for training the deposit will hold.

This fee will be taken off any subsequent courses when re-booked within 6  months.


Your course fee includes hands on training, all needles, pigments, gloves and supplies that you will require for the training schedule.


While models are provided by the college you can use a friend or relative if pre-arranged with the office, there is a charge of $100.00, which is very inexpensive for a procedure that is totally supervised by the instructors who will recognize your strengths and weaknesses long before any practical work has begun.


YES, bring along a digital camera, the taking of before and after pictures of your model(s) is part of the theory sessions.   This will be the start of your portfolio and we encourage you to take as many pictures as you like. Today’s Smart Phones are also more than adequate to achieve fantastic photos.


Please bring a light lunch, we have a full kitchen with a microwave, fridge etc for your use.  Tea & Coffee faciliies available for your use also.


We are 10 minutes from the city by car and 10 minutes from the airport at 406 Bell Street, Pascoe Vale South. If travelling from the city you can catch No. 55 tram from the Domain in St. Kilda via William Street which will drop you outside our door. All day parking available at local IGA just prior to our college for $3 all day.

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