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Our mission at the Melbourne College of Cosmetic Tattooing is to continue providing a professional and caring environment where students can develop their skills efficiently and confidently.


To continue providing excellence with our distinctive courses and foster benchmark professional and ethical practice skills that enable students to excel in the industry as leaders and innovators.

Trainers and Assessors

Together our highly skilled trainers have been teaching our methods to beauty therapists and others throughout Australia and are considered one of the countries most experienced cosmetic, medical and remedial cosmetic tattooist technicians.

Several of our trainers have received advanced training in the United States on the latest technological advancements in micro-pigmentation application, techniques and digital equipment.

Several of our trainers have trained in the Dixon Slope Technique and we have an overiew of Branko Babic brows after one of our trainers completed his training and received her Certificate.

We have in house training days where we make sure we are all sharing our knowledge and skill base with each other to make sure we can all impart that knowledge to you our students.

We have all completed an Advanced Training day with a trainer from China, it was a very informative and knowledgeable day and we all walked away with great new skills to share. Our trainers have also just completed an Intensive Paramedical Tattoo Course with Certified Swiss Trainer Ina Bennoun for Areola, Skin Needling, Camouflage, Pigmentation Art in theoretical and practical work.  We are all looking forward to sharing our knowledge.

Our trainers provide the highest standards of training with their excellent skills and eye for detail. Our school is in the forefront of education within this industry and is recognised nationally for the abilities of our teachers.

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Why choose our training course?

The Melbourne College of Cosmetic Tattooing recognises the importance of quality training in the tattooing industry and the nature of the service it demands.  Therefore, it is imperative that you have the best training that is available. You will learn the principals and essential methodology of cosmetic tattooing, whillst teaching you the latest techniques from Australia and overseas.

The Melbourne College of Cosmetic Tattooing and Permanent Makeup offers the latest advancements in procedural techniques as well as the highest standards in equipment quality and products.

We can train you in your own salon or ours, which is completely equipped with all the latest equipment and supplies for student use.  Pigments, anesthetics, needles, and all necessary supplies are provided for the duration of the course.

Hygeine procedures are paramount in our training. As a result of this proiority much of our time and effort is spent in promoting these precautions to the non medical field.

Our thorough training will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to enter this field without any apprehensions as to your abilities and capabilities.

Our class sizes are limited to provide hands-on instruction. These limited classes ensure each student receives the undivided attention of our trainers which has produced the most proficient cosmetic tattoo technicians in the industry.

Our college and our courses maintain the strict standards and guidelines set forth by The Victorian Government Department of Human Services.

  • One of the crucial aspects of our training is colour theory which includes the imperative knowkledge base of the manufacturers.
  • Digital machine training is not being offered
  • There are courses which are not accredited
  • There are courses which take on large class sizes of more than five students to only one instructor

Key Points to choose our Training Course State of the art training:

  • One on One tuition
  • Less expensive training for group bookings
  • We have no more than 2 students to a group class
  • Training is guaranteed or further training is given for free
  • We specialise training to suit your needs
  • Advanced colour theory
  • Correction methods
  • Feather/Hair stroke Eyebrows
  • You can be trained in your own salon or ours
  • Digital and Rotary Machine instruction
  • Students are required to perform a minimum of 12 procedures. If at the end of training the student does not feel competent they are encouraged to join the next class “FREE”.
  • Entry into the Novice section of the “The Roslyn Norris Cosmetic Tattoo Awards” in conjunction with the Association of Cosmetic Tattoo Inc.
  • We believe in encouraging students
  • Our tuition is well balanced to provide equal importance and emphasis in the theory and practical application of cosmetic tattooing
  • Flexible course start dates
  • Flexible training timetable

The Melbourne College of Cosmetic Tattooing provides the best possible training available in the latest advancements and techniques.

The following is a list of key points you will be receiving in our course:

  • INSTRUCTOR EXPERIENCE 20 years experience in the Beauty and Makeup Field
  • COURSE LENGTH 6 day class training with free extra classes if needed
  • HANDS – ON – PARTICIPATION Practical application on a minimum of 12 procedures during the course
  • We focus on thorough teaching in how to protect yourself and your clients from cross contamination from Hepatitis B, AIDS, etc. and complete sterilisation procedures.
  • ADVANCED TECHNIQUES The hair and feather stroke eyebrows, 3-way stretch, pressures, skin manipulation, shading, etc
  • FACIAL ANATOMY We provide the most comprehensive education on anatomy and physiology of the face. This is a vital component not taught at such a high level anywhere else. It is the key to becoming a proficient technician.
  • MACHINE EDUCATION We teach you how to operate machines and handling techniques. Elimination of constant client post procedure touch-ups. We teach either digital or rotary machines
  • PIGMENT EDUCATION Why some colours change in the skin and what to look for in pigments.  What colours cannot be used on their own and what colours cannot be mixed. Safe and unsafe pigments.
  • VALUE FOR INVESTMENT Personalised step by step training with a maximum class size of 3 students

We continue the ongoing support throughout your entire career in this profession.  We are always there to help if you need us and as often you need us, even after you have been working as a cosmetic tattooist for many years

If you have come this far on our Website then you are considering a career in the very financially viable career of Permanent Makeup. If doesn’t matter whether you decide to have your training with me or with another trainer, it is important that you are prepared to commence as soon as your training is finished…. so I have set out below a few details that you will need to consider.

What to look for when choosing and Trainer and Assessor


Is always going to be an important decision, when choosing your trainer, however do not accept the cheapest trainer, there are a lot aspects to consider when learning an art such as Cosmetic Tattooing. The hours, the class lesson plans, and the hands-on requirements are all taken into account regarding pricing.

Beginners Fundamental Course

  1. Design and Perform cosmetic Tattooing
  2. Maintain infection control in office settings via Debera Houghton (HLTINC411C)

Private Classes

For a beginner’s class, I suggest you seek out professional trainers who only do one on one classes and the ratio of trainer to student is one to two during the hands on practical training portion. Students should expect to perform their hands-on procedures from beginning to end without sharing that procedure with another student.  For instance, one student should not tattoo one eyebrow or eyeliner on a model and another student the other.  Models deserve better service than this, and students deserve better hands-on practical training than this.


Quality Beginner classes are vital for the new technician.  It is knowledge gained from this class that supports their first procedures, that enables students to further identify weak areas other areas of interest and to seek continuing education.


Whatever motive you have for choosing your trainer always look for experience. It is imperative that you have seen their qualifications and that they are qualified to train and hold a current Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  Always make sure you see his or her training photos of before and after procedures and make sure that they have done at least 300 clients in there cosmetic tattooing life. Photos are imperative as you will see what you will be learning and what they can actually teach you. I always say anyone can tattoo but tattooing is an art form, and you need to be taught the fundamentals as well as tattooing.

Training Hours

To be confident in Cosmetic Tattooing you need to have an qualified technician and trainer over at least 6 days to teach you the practical and theory of a beginners training course.  A one or two day training course for cosmetic tattooing or having over 6 students in a class at one time with one trainer is simply not practical for anyone to learn the theory and practical aspects, regardless of any product kits that they are including in the cost, you simply cannot walk away from a short term class and have all the theory and practical experience needed to be able to offer cosmetic tattooing safely and confidently.  What many of these classes historically consist of is a large gathering of new students with a poor model and trainer-to-student ratio during the hands-on portion of the class.



The trainers may or may not have any specific credentials such as being an accredited Trainer.  Considering a successful technician may perform an average of three new procedures a day at an average of $400.00 – $800.00 per procedure, a prominent industry leader who trains as well as offers independent services when they are not training, stands to lose an average of $1200.00 per day during training sessions.  Some experienced trainer/technicians may have a history of performing more procedures than average and they may expect a higher training fee.


Location may be a motive you choose a specific trainer if your trainer is close by, then this gives you the opportunity to meet your trainer and discuss face to face your specific requirements. Also it is always wise to have a local trainer who is able to guide you when you most need it “your first procedure” alone can be daunting.

Being Comfortable

Your trainer is one whom you should feel comfortable taking direction from. Choose a trainer that you are at ease with respect and think that you would work well together. You need respect to learn!

Total Costs

Before you decide which training school, know the total costs of what is included and what is not.


  • How long is the course?
  • Do they give you an extra day for perfecting sessions?
  • How many students in the class?
  • Does your training include a product kit?
  • What products are they?
  • How many procedures will I be able to perform with the kit?
  • Will the kit provide everything I need to start my career without purchasing?
  • Does your training fee include a specific machine?

As our students have a choice, a machine is not included in their kit.  Some trainers do not offer any product kits or machines as part of their fees.  There are as many types of scenarios regarding training and product kits as there are trainers, so ask and understand exactly what your class fee includes.

Council Regulations

Each state has different council laws; your state may require additional regulations for you to offer tattooing services in that council.  All states have a high regard for health and hygiene and it is best to contact your local council so that you are “in the know”.

Hepatitis B

If you have not had a hepatitis B series of injections it is wise to do so. You do not have to have this protection, but I encourage you to consider it.


Your premises for business in most states of Australia allow you to work from a salon/medical/consulting room as long as you are registered within that premise as a separate business identity and have a separate registration through your local council. For Cosmetic Tattooing you need a dedicated room for your supplies and for your client’s invasive procedures.  Local councils have different regulations for which they require for your procedure room. All rooms however need to include hand washing facilities, (some need to be hands free) lighting, bathroom amenities etc.

Business Name

A name for your business is one of the most important aspects of your business, try and standout from the rest, however always state in your name what you actually do i.e include: “Permanent Makeup” or “Cosmetic Tattooing”.


It is also feasible to organise a website, and a domain name for your website and choose a name as close to your business name as possible, as a lot of traffic comes via a great website!


A digital camera is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment that you will need apart from the actual Permanent Makeup Machine. You to have excellent knowledge of how to operate your camera You have one opportunity to take good “before and after photo.  The before, immediately after and healed versions of the procedure(s) provide a history of the work you performed.  Pictures also provide support for many aspects of your business.  For instance, how a client drew on her makeup vs. how you suggested, and how she ultimately approved; how she appeared immediately after the procedure, and how she appears at the follow-up appointment after the procedure(s) have healed.   Many clients ask for their pictures as support to refer you to their friends and family.  You need these pictures for your file; I actually staple them to the back of my client indemnity sheets.


Tools of the trade are unique to each student.  We can teach you with our state of the art digital machines or you may wish to start with the newest rotary machine available. If you do choose one of our machines then you will receive a basic complimentary kit which includes everything you need to start your own procedures. You can also upgrade to the more expensive kits if you wish. Please see our Training Kits Page for further information.

In Review

Know what the laws and regulations of your local councils require.  Choose a trainer you feel you can speak freely with, one who is interested in your success, and one whom you will feel comfortable taking direction from.  If your potential trainer is never available to talk to you before the training, this is a warning as how available that trainer would be after your training has finished, when you need support the most.  If possible choose a trainer who is not long-distance so you can take advantage of any opportunities for problem situations that may occur of for more observation training. It is always preferable that a student seeking training can do so with a local trainer whom they feel very comfortable with.   Although the machine you will be trained to use in your beginners training is important, at times, from the perspective of cost, it should not be motive when choosing a trainer. Choose a class with a small number of students, and where the ratio during the hands on sessions is one-to-two students.  Inquire what the beginner’s fee includes.  Does it include products?  After your fees, how much is it to set up?  Does it include post class support for any period of time?  Some schools allow you to observe after your tuition which is a wonderful idea especially if they are a local trainer and you are able to take advantage of this option.

I hope that the information above is useful and will help you make the right decision for the next stage of your journey……………above all enjoy what you do as we all do here at MCCT.